bedroom update

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I missed out on National Quilting Day on this past Sunday to do some painting with my dad. My parents came to visit us and we put them right to work on the bedroom and closet.

to do list for the weekend
prime ceilings and walls in bedroom and closet
paint ceiling in bedroom and closet
paint closet 
paint bedroom

All was completed! I love the feeling of accomplishment. My dad was a great help with the painting, I think sometimes he missed his calling as a painter. My mom was a great help keeping the house in tacked - did my dishes, watched Abe.....and just visited - Thanks MOM and DAD!

I seriously feel is love with our bedroom paint color! I'm so glad we picked it - Mark Twain looks good on my walls. :) I can't wait to start on the trim, so the room looks finished, so to speak.

Dad and I priming the ceiling.

the closet done! sorry it's so dusty.
Dad aka my trimmer. :)

view from the closet door.

look! no second door to the bedroom!

our new fan!
 We are having the floor re finishers come this afternoon to take a look at the floors. Hopefully they will be done in the next couple weeks - we are on their schedule now.


{darlene} said...

LOVE this color!!!!!!!!!

Kristi said...

Thanks! I'm totally in love with it as well. :)

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