Wednesday, February 23, 2011

With the few so few votes (I was hoping I had more readers than 3....), I don't think I'll be opening any time soon. Sorry to the 2 that would buy from me, I appreciate your support.

We are in week 3 of our bedroom remodel and it's right on track. Mike almost has the electrical complete, then it's on to drywall. I'm not looking forward to carrying the drywall up to the second floor (do you know drywall is way heavy - it's true), but I guess I can just count it toward my upper body exercise. :)

We have also decided to replace the windows in our master suite while we are remodeling. We always planned to do it in steps, it's too expensive to do at once! Our house has a lot of windows - 25 to be exact! (Including the 8 in our sun-room/back porch) It was one of the main reasons we bought the house, we loved the light. So buying 4 at a time will be much easier on the wallet. I'm really excited to buy them, but it's a little intimidating. I don't want to cheap out but I also do want the most expensive one's we can find either... Once we decide on a kind/model/whatever, it will be much easier next time, just go in and order.


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